This May Be Better Than Your Spag Bol: Aries x AS Roma

This May Be Better Than Your Spag Bol: Aries x AS Roma

Football & brand collabs are becoming a crowded field but we're not ready to blow the whistle just yet. We've seen a plethora of jerseys hit the pitch: from Y-3 and Real Madrid, to Manchester United and Human Made, to PSG and Jordan.

There's no doubt football and fashion goes hand in hand, from the fits we see off the pitch, to the boots we see on the grass. Football is embracing culture more and more and we're here for it. 

Aries trades flags with Italian football giants AS Roma for the second time. Being Roman born, Aries owner Sofia Pantera understands "how important this club is to the millions of fans in this city and around the world" and "wanted to reflect that through designs that celebrated Rome and conveyed its unique expression of football and fashion provenance.”

The reinterpreted "On Pitch Kit", that will be worn during their Chinese tour at the end of November features the club's signature Giallorossi colour way finished off with a diagonal marbling. 

The collaboration also includes a pre-game kit featuring a jersey, all-black nylon training tracksuit, and a limited-edition silver and gold metallic jersey that depicts Rome’s most iconic figures including Lupa Capitolina, Lucius Verus and Julius Ceaser.

Football is as grown as it gets but somehow it's getting bigger, creeping into spaces and subcultures that were once in the shadows, we'll be ready for the next collaboration for sure. 


By Luca Allick-Smith