The Highlight of Hatton

The Highlight of Hatton

You've probably glossed over multiple magazine covers, editorials and fit pics of your favourite artist or celebrity; from Playboy to MARKET (formerly known as Chinatown Market) collaborations, Hatton Labs, only established in 2018, is cementing themselves as a very promising emerging jewellery brand. 

Founded by Jack Cannon and Joe Gelb, Hatton Labs specialises in contemporary jewellery, drawing inspiration from an array of subcultures. Based in London, the brand designs their pieces in the prestigious jewellery district - Hatton Gardens.

With an instilled value of sustainability, Jack assures to GQ 'We only use scrap recycled metal, sourced by local manufacturers' but Labs' output is far from scrap.

Pieces range from cuban chains and pearl bracelets to classic signet rings and pop inspired pendants, you may be wondering how the brand manages to cover so much cultural ground. 

Cannon used to make grills then slowly ventured into designing jewellery for the likes of Lev Tanju (founder of Palace Skateboards) and Skepta.
Being so engraved in the culture growing up, as well as acknowledging pop cultural references, It's easy to identify the awareness Cannon and Gelb have had to bring forward a brand that is accessible to everyone.

“I want us to be not only synonymous with quality, but also where the next generation can afford to buy jewellery, as well as being the gateway for people to feel confident wearing louder, more experimental pieces.” - Vogue

Whether you're looking for an entry piece of jewellery or something more dazzling, we're sure Hatton Labs have an option for you.

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By Luca Allick-Smith