SS22 with Ahluwalia

SS22 with Ahluwalia

Directed by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Akinola Davies Jr, Parts of Me showcases a collection that’s an amalgamation of research from Ahluwalia into the creativity behind popular styles in the 1970s, when Black liberation movements in the U.S. and the U.K. were most prominent. - Hypebeast


Fitting into a unisex attire with a feminine spin, the garments are a blend of 70s inspired tracksuits, patchwork pieces and slim tailoring.


The stylised signature prints are subliminally embedded with entwined geometries extrapolated from photographs of braids and textures of hair. - Vogue



With 10 women’s looks added into the mix for the first time, Priya Ahluwalia says “ “I wanted to do strong pieces, thinking what would I wear to a meeting, to a club, on a date?” she said. “I definitely didn’t want to just do menswear in women’s sizes. I wanted it to be quite sexy, and confident. It so makes me want to go out and party”


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