Our Latest Window Install Screams Colour

Our Latest Window Install Screams Colour

Pride 2023! This week we spotlight our latest and current window install.

To celebrate Pride, we commissioned Californian based designer and illustrator Humberto Cruz also known as 'I Scream Colour' to create a bespoke depiction of queer London. His work is inspired by pop culture, fashion and colour (of course). 

Cruz's work can be described as "spontaneous, quirky, fun and enthusiastic". Being mostly digitised, Cruz is familiar with materials such as pastels, markers transforming ideas both physically and digitally.

If you're not familar with their work some notable clients include: Snapchat, Chanel, Rizzoli Publications and David Guetta to say the least. 

Our window art features British legends like Dame Vivienne Westwood - a maverick and true pioneer, the Spice Girls and a selection of British landmarks to truly show London at its best. See more of Cruz's work below and pop down to the store to see our latest install whilst it's up!

By Luca Allick-Smith