Martine Can Danza Too

Martine Can Danza Too

Martine Rose is one of fashion's most wanted right now. Her name circulates the inner walls of Louis Vuitton & Gucci - which is no surprise. They called for her in Florence, so she brought her team and Italian street casted crew to the runway for AW23 Pitti Uomo.

Photo by Eva Losada

The show marked Martine's first overseas but there was nothing out of place about what we saw. She said to Vogue: 'My first question to myself was ‘how can I do what I do in London and transport it into Florence?’ And what I wanted to do instinctively was to really respond to the culture and the history of Italy.' 

 Well, that's a job well done. 

Photo by Eva Losada 

Martine spent some time around Florence prior to showing and it's safe to say we could see the fusion of everyday Italian style mixed with Martine's London swag. Her consistency is undoubtedly excellent. Her models are now labelled as characters, which just evidences the trust her wider audience have in her to produce authentic and believable collections.  

We were pleased to see some refined tailoring - shirts and blazers in hues of browns and burgundies; denim and pinstriped maxi skirts, utilitarian cargo pants and jackets. Hopefully you didn't miss the exclusive look at a new colour way of Martine's Nike Shox MR4 in a mixed aqua fluorescent shade. 

Don't waste any time, have a look through some of the collection below:

By Luca Allick-Smith