htown x Ecologi

htown x Ecologi

The impact our kind has on this planet has come to a harsh acknowledgement on our conscience. Flawed fashion production, consumption and overwhelming statistics on carbon emissions have not only become a regular feature on our newsfeed, but also a motive for panic amidst environmental turmoil in today’s age.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the environment. Against the undoubtable fact that the top 1% of wealthiest individuals and corporations cause the most damage, the 99% rest of us still have responsibility. We’re not here to remind or force you, we’re just here to help the environment alongside you. 


Htown has been working with Ecologi for some time- giving not only us, but you, an opportunity to benefit the planet through carbon offsetting. Previously, we posted our partnership with Ecologi on our Instagram, offering to plant one tree with every share it had. Now, we’re keeping the ball rolling with planting a tree for every purchase you make with us online.


So far, we have planted 733 trees, reducing carbon by an impressive 10 tonnes already- and we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support. But let’s not stop there. We’ll keep you in the loop via our Instagram, where we’ll update our status with Ecologi and let you know how many trees we will have planted over the course of time.

Keep your eyes peeled at @htownstore on Instagram.