It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Hike

It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Hike

Gorp-core is definitely not the topic of conversation here. The Italian outdoor brand Roa has stylishly climbed to the top of many fashion enthusiast's lists in such little time.

Founded in 2015, with support from Slam Jam, the team at Roa spearheaded by footwear designer Maurizio Quaglia, have a combined vision both acknowledging fashion and technicality - with aims of innovation through design that considers the world of outdoors as well as the usage of avant-garde materials for a fashionable access point for all who choose to strap their feet in.  

 We're excited to welcome a brand boasting such versatility in the industry. Roa seem to have made a foundational mould of silhouettes that can shape shift into the cultural imprints of brands: A-COLD-WALL*, JJJJound, Our Legacy, Stüssy & Matthew Williams (1017 ALYX 9SM). 

Acclimatise yourself with some of their most recent & iconic collaborations, for a brief insight into their design philosophy and ethos:


Multi-hyphenate, Dr. Samuel Ross's architectural approach to design were a perfect match for Roa's expanding arsenal - showcasing a depiction of artisanal footwear. Both the Andreas Boot & Minaar were industrialised for a very directional approach for winter, released at the end of 2022. 


With a super minimal approach to their first collaboration with Roa, JJJJound wanted to emphasise the sublime design of the Andreas boot, featuring reinforced Kudu leather uppers and lace loops for extra protection for all your exploration outdoors. Maybe an unexpected tag team but most certainly a foreshadowing of more outdoor driven designs to come from JJJJound. 

Our Legacy: Workshop

Utilising leftover hides of natural leather, the Swedish label give yet another fresh look at the infamous and extremely popular Andreas boot, in brown, featuring their yin yang logo representing their collaborative endeavours across multi-industries. In keeping with the theme of outdoors, the leather carries "authentic characteristics, scars and blemishes, while the leather itself will naturally darken in color and develop a unique patina with wear." - HYPEBEAST. 


One of the more notable collaborations from the trio of Stüssy, Matthew Williams & Roa. A D.I.Y. styled boot comes with faux mud on the mid sole as well as a set of washed out orange, garment dyed tees to accompany the stompers. 

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By Luca Allick-Smith