Drake and Elsa Majimbo Isolate in Martine Rose

Drake and Elsa Majimbo Isolate in Martine Rose

Martine Rose’s fashion show this year is a digital experience driven by the element of community that typically define her physical shows.

International Magic designed and rendered a simulated multi-storey eco-brutalist housing block where a peep behind each door reveals video footage depicting real time videos of different people around the world in their homes fitted in Martine’s new collection.

The British Experience Design studio helped Martine realise her vision of producing a digital show “with the textures and warmth of a physical show” through the portrayal of the current circumstances of other people during these times in “an environment that everyone could inhabit”.

One of these 24 videos capture Drake sporting an all grey athleisure look in the studio at his Toronto residence. The global music star, a friend and fan of Martine, forsakes any performative actions, going about his activity in a casual manner.

This informality typical of domestic dwelling is the nature of behaviour exhibited by most individuals in the clips “uncovering mundane idiosyncrasies that allows the audience to connect to these real people from across the world” in the words of the Creative Director, Ben Mckinnon.

Others featured in the video include Instagram comedy star - Elsa Majimbo, sat outside her house with her dog laying down beside her, wearing an all Martine look comprising a sky blue top, floral pants and leather sandals

Despite her intention to strike a feeling of connection amongst viewers of the show, A self-described ‘not very digital person, Martine’s sentiments on the restrictions of virtual interaction are clear – ‘You can’t hope to replace the sense of togetherness a physical show brings. There’s no substitute for being in the same room as people’.

Unfortunately, there’s no link to the show for those that didn’t get a chance to watch it. The show was only available to watch on the day it released, part of Martine’s attempts to evoke the feeling of a physical event, “I wanted it to be [that] you were there,” she says, “or you weren’t.”

The good news is curated pieces from the collection are available now online at htown.