Dior Joins Forces with ERL

Dior Joins Forces with ERL

Since ERL has garnered immediate attention from the likes of Eli Russell Linnetz' luscious designs, to dressing stars like A$AP Rocky, Bella Hadid and Kid Cudi, it feels necessary, yet, somewhat unsurprising that a fashion house has snapped them up in motives for collaboration.

With all this said, Kim Jones is a designer that isn't shy on joining forces with brands that generate attention. Whether it be Stussy, Supreme or 1017 ALYX 9SM, it's more than notable that this is an essential element of his practice that boasts a blockbuster feel to his work in luxury fashion.

Linnetz' presence was prominent in the show. Some distinguishable garments were utilised across the capsule collection, for example, the wave hoodies, patterned-down and gradient knits- all complimenting the sheer creativity of Jones' himself.

The collection, dubbed 'California Couture', reaches into Linnetz' upbringing in 1990s Venice Beach. An imperative factor of this influence is skate culture, which is evident in the eye-catching skate shoes featured on the runway- a bulky 90s silhouette offered in plenty colour-ways that allow Dior to tap into its 90s history alongside it. 

Another exceptional addition to Jones' collaboration roster, and a remarkable start to ERL's journey in luxury collaboration.

Words by Kieran Fox