Diesel Is Here

Diesel Is Here

After welcoming the Italian based denim giant known for its alternative and rebellious energy last Thursday via our in-store launch, we thought it'd be good to give you a small deep dive into it's history amidst the rising hype the brand has seen in recent years. 

 Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, with intentions of creating the most innovative denim, a better time could not have been chosen for selecting quite a ubiquitous name. Although strange to some, there was an ongoing worldwide oil crisis which would make diesel an alternative fuel choice - mirroring the alternative denim brand mentality. Similarly, the global availability of the fuel gave huge metaphorical encouragement for the mindset Rosso would employ over the course of the years to come, building his brand - Diesel now has 5,000 points of sale worldwide with over 400 monobrand stores.


Additionally, Diesel has been painstakingly consistent in the department of advertising with inception of the campaign "For Successful Living" in 1991, which is now their globally recognised slug line. It's easy to see Rosso's taste for design and branding trickle throughout the infrastructure of his brand as he soon after founded OTB - global fashion group standing for "Only The Brave", in 2002, home to "unconventional" brands such as Maison Margiela, Jil Sander & Marni. Aims of the group include challenging and innovating, re-defining the world of fashion.


Things got really interesting when it was unveiled that conceptual fashion disrupter Glenn Martens would become the new Creative Director of Diesel in 2020. His design style is experimental & imaginative - heavily evidenced by his amazing work, year in-year out at Y/Project. A more perfect match couldn't have been made with the Belgian Designer who said to Hypebeast "it was the first thing I can consciously remember buying. Diesel was just the coolest brand people could have in those days".

It was cool then and it's cooler now thanks to the heavily studied and strategised comeback. Denim is definitely a crowded game, more than ever before - with a sea of crowded fish, the rise of newer brands such as Amiri, Gallery Dept & Aries all claiming their piece of the denim pie - the question was not how but when?

 The fashion climate now is rife than ever, with creative directors jumping in and out of brands, however, Martens has had the time, in years, to build a rapport with his new customer base and new a-list supporters - with notable fashion figures such as Julia Fox, Skepta and Evan Mock attending his shows as well as supermodel Alton Mason frequently walking his shows.

Martens has had the opportunity to shift Diesel "towards more sustainable suppliers" changing "its washes, and "changing "many of its materials" as well as updating some stylistic touches that Diesel house, to appeal to a more youthful crowd. This can be seen through the shiny chrome coloured accessories like the fan favourite 1DR Bags, distressed denim and leather, a refinement of classic jean silhouettes as well as a plethora of fresh branded staples.

 Head down to our store or explore our offering online at htown.co.uk where you can expect to find a mix of new denim styles, shirts, tanks and new bags - you won't be disappointed.

By Luca Allick-Smith