Community and curiosity with Martine Rose

Community and curiosity with Martine Rose

With the label being around for 14 years, Menswear label Martine Rose leads her brand through the broadest sense of curiosity being at the centre of everything, fusing both reborn and remade into her inventive designs, with her work being a chaotic anthropology of the city’s underground.


"Football hooligan meets New Romantic; junglist meet City Boy; Buffalo meets mods or rockers or spivs or B-Boys, or any combination of these. It’s a fantasy or a dreamworld, a harmonic coming together of every single one of London’s style tribes."    - i-D


With the continuation of finding new ways to illuminate those “old” ideas, Martine usually shows once a year and when she does create, she does it in the most incredible experiences with emotional love letters to her hometown and its residents.


The shows are about fashion as something real because Martine is a designer who understands that fashion only becomes real when it’s inserted into the everyday lives of people.  - i-D


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