A Functional Route For Winter: Spencer Badu

A Functional Route For Winter: Spencer Badu

 Some of us blow a huge cloud of smoke when approaching winter. We need a lot of things like new coats & new sweats. We wish it could all be so easy. 

Well, look no more, Spencer Badu has the solutions for you. The Toronto based designer is ensuring we take a stressless approach to fashion with his latest 010 collection.

Badu aims to create a seamless journey from idea to idea, with a constant overarching ethos of genderless uniform. Tying this in with community centric activity, Spencer is growing rapidly, with notable celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, Smino & Rickey Thompson all sporting his designs.

Badu's autumn-winter roster comes in the form of cropped fleeces, cargo snow pants - for everything more than your everyday items, a mixture of minimal, well-thought sweats, t-shirts, joggers and much more.

Being of Ghanaian heritage, Spencer meticulously sprinkles his heritage into the fabrication and reference of his garments - like a kente cloth inspired knitted sweater, or a tank top capsule with hues that nod to the Ghanaian flag.

Spencer is on a mission of self-discovery, inclusion and thought and this is definitely reflective in his pieces. A one to watch for sure. 

Shop the collection at htown.co.uk

By Luca Allick-Smith