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It’s time to explore icebreaking fashion news with htown; covering all things community, concession and collaboration. Find out more about all those talk-of-the-town shows, new drops and partnerships all in one place. From beloved brands to beyond, our mid-season report is raring to go. If you want to find out more about what's hot and happening, this is your front-row seat. 

Martine in Milan: A Fashion Week Debut

On the 16th of June, htown Designer Martine Rose made her debut at Milan Fashion Week - With a collection challenging modern beauty standards and perspectives. Down the runway, followed models clad with prosthetic noses, all-that-glitters accessories and a selection of floor-tangling wigs. Going against the grain; this collection questions beauty in the modern age, set within a fashion capital. Amidst the unexpected twists and turns were a fresh pair of designed Nike Air Max Sneakers. Martine’s previous collaborations with global giant; Nike, had kick-started mass hysteria for the designer. Glancing over some of the show notes, the subversion of trend and the anti-fashion-anticipation set her aside from the rest.

“I wanted to enjoy another area. I wanted to create these characters that are not beautiful, but they’re beautiful. There’s a sexiness, there’s a darkness, a humour – all of the stuff that I find really inspiring.”

SS25 Show Notes - Martine Rose

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Martine Rose SS25, Hypebeast, (2024)
Martine Rose SS25, Hypebeast, (2024)
Martine Rose SS25 Nike Air Max, HUNGER, (2024)
Martine Rose SS25 Nike Air Max, HUNGER, (2024)

htown's Fave: An ERL Summer

Back in April, htown brand ERL teased the release of their first-ever ‘Vamp’ skate sneaker. A padded, enlarged hyperextension of a traditional skatewear shoe. SS24 reignites the love of 90s trends such as colourful argyle and graphic slogan tees, while staying authentic to ERL’s California influences. Also seen in the collection, is a homage to Eli Russel Linnetz  ‘Venice Beach’. Clung to the waistband of a pair of ERL Printed Cargo Pants are a pair of mix-and-match charms, and a Barbie head keychain. In other campaign imagery, the ERL Suede Vamps Sneakers are paired with a crouched model overtop a skateboard. Rightfully titled ‘Made in California’, the collection takes it back to basics embedding ERL’s LA heritage and adolescent energy.

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ERL SS24, H.LORENZO (2024)
ERL SS24, H.LORENZO (2024)
ERL SS24, Fucking Young! (2024)
ERL SS24, Fucking Young! (2024)

LOVERBOY: Charles Jeffrey’s 10th Aniversary

For the brand’s 10th anniversary, Charles Jeffrey (@charlesjeffreyloverboy); LOVERBOY founder, hosted a spectacle Somerset House runway show. The Spring 2025 Menswear collection was accompanied by the gallery's 3-month-long exhibition space; ‘The Lore of LOVERBOY’ (8th of June - 1st of September), marking a decade of loved design work. The show was described as 'infectiously joyful’, with models and Jeffreys's friends seen with a skip in their step as they galloped gallantly around the courtyard. Vocals by Beth Ditto (@bethditto) were paired with an overhead choir on the balcony, layered over the collection detailing themes of sexuality and gender. Primary colours were sandwiched between post-punk silhouettes and nautical fabrics. In typical LOVERBOY fashion, sartorial references tied the looks to one another. Banana boots with fishnet tights and reddened kiss stains add traditionalism while giving the collection a fun factor layer throughout.

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Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY SS24, Culted (2024)
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY SS24, Culted (2024)
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY SS24, DSCENE (2024)
Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY SS24, DSCENE (2024)

Hanbury Street Happenings: Goodhood's Move

Multi-brand retailer Goodhood; was launched in 2007 by its founders Kyle Stewart (@kyle_goodhood) and Jo Sindle (@jo_goodhood), and has since become one of Shoreditch's most prevalent and cult concept stores. On the 4th of June,  Goodhood goes down a new avenue; literally, opening a third store. The new venue is now located at 15 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR, and is expansive to fit the growing retail demographic. The former Curtain Road store has become a hub for creatives, building a strong repertoire over their ten-year stint, becoming central to the retail fabric in Shoreditch. Situated between Brick Lane and Spitalfields; the new store has already produced bustling crowds, media attention and fascination. On the 6th of June; Goodhood hosted a launch party to celebrate their new venture. We can’t wait to see what the new store will mean for the Shoreditch-shop-scape.

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Goodhood Owners, Drapers (2024)
Goodhood Owners, Drapers (2024)
Goodhood, Hanbury Street Storefront, Drapers (2024)
Goodhood Store Drapers (2024)

Drop 3: Brain Dead x Oakley Factory Team

On the 4th of June, The third instalment of the Brain Dead x Oakley Factory launched as part of the SS24 collection. Previously, the drops have explored elevated neutrals and green tones, while the third aims to encourage colour exploration with fiery lava, citrus limes and stone blues. With the sandals and slides in high demand, there’s no time like the  Paguro. The new campaign was shot by photographers Alex Cascallana (@alexcascallana) and Sylvia Perez (@sylvia_perezperez) creating expert still life and leaning into the practicality of the hybrid shoe. Amidst a hub of astroturf, the colours of the products stand boldly against one another. Lifestyle giant Oakley is best recognised for sunglasses when partnered with post-punk retailer Braindead, the product is given a fashion edge. The shoe collection is set for another success and the long-standing relationship between the two is brought together again for the upcoming season.

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Oakley Factory x Brain Dead, Drop 3, Hypebeast (2024)
Oakley Factory x Brain Dead, Drop 3, Hypebeast (2024)
Oakley Factory x Brain Dead, Drop 3, Hypebeast (2024)
Oakley Factory x Brain Dead, Drop 3, Hypebeast (2024)

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Words - Elise-Mai Duffy